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Ethical AI Checklist

This Ethical AI Blueprint and Checklist incorporates the evaluation of data strategy and data management maturity, emphasizing the foundational role of data in building ethical AI systems. It provides a high-level guide for organizations to ensure their AI technologies are not only effective but also ethically responsible and aligned with broader societal values.


Policy and Governance

  • Clear Data & AI Role & Responsibility Model
  • Data Policy established and communicated
  • Ethical AI policy established and communicated
  • Data Governance in place
  • AI Ethics board or committee in placeĀ 


Data Strategy and Management Maturity

  • Data strategy evaluated and aligned with ethical AI goals
  • Data management maturity assessed and areas for improvement identified
  • Data risk assessment completed


AI Risk Assessment

  • Regular ethical risk assessments conducted for AI systems
  • Process for reporting and addressing ethical concerns established


Transparency and Explainability

  • AI decision-making transparency and explainability mechanisms in place
  • Clear information provided to users about data usage and AI logic


Data Privacy and Security

  • Data protection measures implemented and reviewed
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations maintained


Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diverse teams involved in AI development
  • AI systems tested for fairness across different demographic groups


Monitoring and Updating

  • Ongoing monitoring for ethical issues in AI systems
  • Regular updates to ethical guidelines and governance frameworks