Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Affiliate Program

Recommend, reap the rewards

Amplify your brand and earn commission on referrals for those who enroll in the certification program.

Our program pays a generous 40% commission!

Why join our affiliate program?

The affiliate program pays an industry-leading 40% commission on sales. All affiliate program terms and conditions may be reviewed here.

Drive value for your audience—and revenue for your business—by recommending 

Partner with the most trusted name in certification for Chief AI Officers to highlight your expertise and stand out from the competition.

Add another revenue stream to your books without paying a cent.

How to become an affiliate

Easy. Submit an application and we’ll send you your unique affiliate link.


Then, using our affiliate program marketing materials, customize your content.

Start earning money

Earn a commission whenever a new, qualifying user enrolls in our Chief AI Officer certification program. Our affiliate dashboard lets you easily track your referrals and the status of your payments.

Who is a great partner?

We are looking to partner with:
Thought Leaders




Online Communities and Groups

Professional Associations

Frequently Asked Questions

An affiliate program rewards businesses or other brands (affiliates) for driving traffic or sales to their products or services through unique tracking links. Affiliates earn commissions or incentives based on the desired action (e.g., clicks, leads, or sales) generated through their referrals.

Once you submit an application to the program via our application form, our team will review your application for acceptance. Upon acceptance you will receive a notification via email and a team member will be in touch with you to further discuss our partnership!

Once you are enrolled in the program, you will have access to your affiliate dashboard. Here you will see all activity in your account. You will also have access to our branded marketing materials to help promote your sales.

Conversions are tracked via customized affiliate links through our platform. Customers will click on your tracking link and a cookie will allow the network to trigger when a purchase is made. This is then tracked back to your account in the network. All transactions are attributed on a last click basis.

The tracking cookie will be valid for 90 days. Remember that all transactions are attributed on a last click basis.

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