Introducing the Ultimate AI Mastery Program for Business Leaders and Visionaries

Learn how to future-proof your business and upskill every role in the company, from the C-suite to the solopreneur, and position yourself at the forefront of business innovation, ensuring long-term relevance and competitive advantage.

Introducing the first-of-its-kind program that ensures you don’t just learn about AI – you master it. Navigate the next wave of business transformation with our 12-module curriculum designed exclusively for non-technical business professionals. You’ll confidently lead AI-driven transformations in your organization, even if you’ve got zero technical knowledge.

Who is this for?


For everyone in your business, from the owner & leadership teams, all the way to the front line employees. Transform your key personnel into AI strategists who will revolutionize your business strategy with AI-first thinking, and secure your company’s future growth and relevance in the AI-driven economy.

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Differentiate yourself in a crowded consultancy market, attracting premium clients and commanding higher fees. Ideal for consultants, business advisors, fractional C-suite and business coaches. Amplify your consultancy toolkit, enabling you to deliver AI-centric solutions to clients, elevating their business … and YOURS!

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Advantages of Our AI Certificate Programs

Become a certified Chief AI Officer and stand out in a sea of wannabes, enhancing your personal brand and career opportunities.

Drive tangible business outcomes, creating immediate value for your organization or your clients. Learn how to optimize workflows, boost revenue, and enhance the customer experience with AI.

Implement real-world AI solutions that lead to measurable success. Gain practical know-how on AI tools and tech for tangible business outcomes. Learn how to optimize workflows, boost revenue, and enhance the customer experience with AI.

Drive AI strategies in your organization with confidence and finesse and become the go-to expert in your organization, ensuring your voice is heard at the highest strategic levels.

Module Breakdown

1. How Generative AI is Changing the Game

Leapfrog competitors by mastering the transformative capabilities of generative AI.


40 mins



2. Set It and Forget It: AI + Automation

Dive deep into the world of AI-driven automations, from workflows to customer engagements.


3 hours



3. Developing Prompt Intelligence: Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Discover the art of prompt engineering – the silent power behind effective AI application.


3.5 hours



4. Chatbots: Your AI Allies

Unlock the secret to 24/7 customer engagement and satisfaction with AI chatbot allies.


2 hours



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Instructors Leading the Charge

Chris Daigle

Chris Daigle

CEO & Co-Founder, Tech and AI Maven, Growth Architect

Genevieve White

Genevieve White

COO, Operations & Expert at AI Application in Business Processes

Daniel Linden

Daniel Linden

Chief AI Officer, Top 0.1% Prompt Engineers in the world, Leading the AI Charge

... and esteemed guest lecturers from the AI industry!

Your investment for the complete training and certification is $4,995

  • slack-icon 12-module curriculum focusing on AI concepts, industry application, leadership and more
  • slack-icon Weekly live Q&A calls, hosted by our panel of experts
  • slack-icon One-on-one consultation with our Chief AI Officer
  • slack-icon Access to an exclusive Slack community of AI experts
  • slack-icon A pulse on the latest with our weekly AI trends newsletter
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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduating from our course plugs you into an alumni network of AI professionals. We have partnerships with several businesses and consultancy firms, always on the lookout for our certified Chief AI Officers.

Absolutely! All students maintain a one year access to the course material. As AI evolves, you can always come back to refresh your knowledge.

No prior software knowledge is needed. All tools and platforms utilized during the course are introduced from scratch, ensuring everyone starts on an even footing.

We’re committed to staying at the forefront of AI. The curriculum is updated weekly, and all students get access to these updates at no extra charge.

Absolutely! Outside of the Q&A sessions and consultations, our dedicated course forum in Slack is active round the clock. Both instructors and fellow students are always eager to help out with any questions.

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